Who am I and what’s this all about?

Can you actually get older without getting old?

It may look like a silly question. The first part is unarguable — we are literally getting older every minute.

But “old”? That’s something else. “Old” means disengagement. “Old” means increased helplessness. Retiring from the workforce. Not really having any exciting plans for the future — because there’s not much future.

But that’s not happening any more. Led by the Baby Boomers, we’re seeing the most important social revolution in history: the reinvention of aging. Not just living longer (though that’s quickly taking us where no generation has gone before), but living better. Living healthier. Living more productively. Living, if you will, younger.

In a word, SuperAging.

I’ve already written two books on this topic. My first book, The New Old was published in 2008, when the process was just getting under way. My second, Beyond Age Rage was published in 2012 and gave a sneak preview of the now-raging “war of the generations.”

So I’ve been following this for a long time. And I understand how to place it in the proper social context: as a career advertising and marketing executive in Canada and the USA. I have a ton of experience in identifying and analyzing what’s going on out there in the marketplace. I regularly appear on TV and radio to comment on these issues, and I’ve been a frequent speaker at both industry and consumer events. It’s my beat.

And what a wide and exciting beat it is! There’s so much to follow — dazzling new discoveries in the lab that promise to enable us to slow down (or even reverse) the aging process itself; an explosive growth in anti-aging technology, led by robots and AI, to enable us to be high-function even as our bodies may be slowing down; a worldwide refusal to retire “automatically” or “on schedule” at 65 (with astonishing implications for the workplace); new ideas in housing, in education, in financial planning, driven by the reality of so many people living so much longer and acting so much younger.

Hence this newsletter and website here on Substack. I don’t want to wait for the book to be completed, I want to start sharing this material now. I’ll be your guide to a mind-boggling range of news, trends and ideas:

  • Longevity gone crazy - I’ll bring you constant updates on what’s happening in the biosciences and technology

  • The “youthification” of every age group - why you can be 10 years younger, 15 years younger (or even more) than your chronological age

  • The end of retirement as we know it - how longevity (coupled with a serious shortage of babies) is transforming the job market

  • Forget the Green Economy — meeting the multi-trillion dollar Grey Economy

  • And more — from housing to politics to fitness, from leisure to urban design to inter-generational conflict and, yes, even sex

The revolution is happening now, right before your eyes. I’ll help you keep track of all the action.

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David Cravit
Marketing exec, author, commentator. I track radical longevity and the reinvention of aging. Wrote THE NEW OLD (2008) and BEYOND AGE RAGE (2012).